With the arrival of the summer season, and after the tourist break caused by the pandemic, some hotels need to refurbish themselves in order to welcome their guests again.

This is the case of the Hotel located in Puig d’Valls (Ibiza), which contacted us in search of an acoustic solution to refurbish one of its rooms: a glass room where parties and events are held, which needed to be acoustically isolated so as not to disturb the rest of the hotel’s guests.

With the incorporation of a perimeter curtain system it was possible to find a solution. The project consisted of two parts: for the interior of the room, a line of single-layer black velvet fabric curtains was created, with the aim of reducing the reverberation produced in the interior and improving the acoustic comfort for the attendees. For the outside of the hall, above the glass and separated by an air chamber, a second line of 7-layer curtains, Model Everest, made of various fabrics, which acoustically insulate the hall, preventing sounds from filtering in and out of the hall.