Our fire-resistant fabrics with anti-bacterial treatments and water-repellent finishes are specially designed for the manufacture of masks, gowns and curtains for hospitals, outpatient clinics, residences, schools and nurseries. Anti-bacterial treatment hinders the development of unwanted microbes and viruses, prevents their spread and protects materials from germs and unwanted odours, making them ideal for hospital use, both in rooms and operating theatres, consultation rooms, emergency rooms, rooms where diagnostic tests are carried out, etc. As they are also fire-resistant, they are certified for Class 1 suspended elements and for wall and ceiling coverings B-s1,d0 among others.

At Textil Batavia we have two fabric options with which to make hospital curtains:

Hospital Curtain Sanitized, with antibacterial finish sanitized, certified permanent fireproof Class 1, B-s1,d0, M1f and 14533. https://www.tejidosignifugos.com/tejidos-poliester-ignifugos-permanentes-certificado-clase-1/cortina-hospitalaria-fr-115g/

Trevira CS Bioactive curtain, with a water-repellent and permanent antimicrobial finish. It also has Class 1 fireproof certification. https://www.tejidosignifugos.com/tejidos-poliester-ignifugos-permanentes-certificado-clase-1/cortina-hospitalaria-fr-115g-2/

How does Trevira CS Bioactive work?