From Textil Batavia we want to collaborate actively with the thousands of solidarity volunteers who, in a totally altruistic way, are coordinating, manufacturing and managing all the logistics to be able to take the masks from the garment workshops or private homes, to hospitals, residences, state security forces, town halls, agricultural cooperatives, supermarkets, etc., in short, for all those who need them, and request them from these groups of volunteers. We want to help them so that, in addition to putting in their sewing machines and their time, they do not have to put in their fabrics as well.

You can also contribute with your donation.

What contribution can I make?

  • With 50 euros we can donate 500 masks.
  • With 100 euros we can donate 1,000 masks.
  • With 200 € we can donate 2.000 masks.
  • With 300 € we can donate 3.000 masks.

Contact us by phone: 961 698 227 or by email: and we will tell you how you can do it.

All collaborators will be documented in detail with all the traceability of their contribution.

#Masks4All Initiative (Czech Republic)

Simple Test of the effectiveness of different types of masks

Solidarity partners


Thanks from the Guardia Civil of Bétera

Thanks from the Guardia Civil of Bétera

I hereby wish to thank you for your collaboration with the Civil Guard of Bétera (Valencia), for your contribution of the textile fabric of your company to make “masks” which have been used in different units of the Civil Guard of Valencia, especially in the early stages of the current health crisis caused by the COVID-19.

I would also like to thank you for your help in transferring the TNT-Hydrorepelent material to Madrid so that it can be provided to seamstresses in that province for delivery to hospitals and police units.

To the attention of: Gonzalo Julián Orduña – Empresa Textil Batavia S.L.

The Lieutenant Commander of the Main Post José Fuentes Zamora

The nurses of the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova send this video of gratitude to our collaborator Academy of Sewing CAMP DE TURIA.

Thanks to you!

Acknowledgements from the Local Police of Madrid for the masks donated by “Masks of Madrid

masks municipal police Madrid

Mention in the program “La Linterna” by Miguel Ángel Exposito on Cadena COPE

The Lantern of M.A. Expósito Cadena COPE 20/4/2020

Who has received masks?

The “Academia Camp Turia” in Lliria has been able to send masks to:

  • Residences throughout Valencia and Madrid
  • Hospitals of Valencia: Arnau, Manises, Quirón, Peset, Álvaro Moliner, La Fé, Dialálisis Lliria
  • Local police in Lliria and in various parts of the Valencian Community
  • National Police
  • Marine Military Headquarters
  • Military Camp Betera
  • NGOs, agricultural cooperatives and farmers
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Workers in supermarkets, shops and private companies
  • Project Man
  • Janitors
  • Health security personnel.
Camp del Turia Academy mask making
Masks made by students and collaborators of Camp de Turia Academy – BLOG ENTRE TELAS

The group “Mascarillas Madrid” has been able to send masks to:

  • University Hospital HM Sanchinarro.
  • Abedul Residence. Madrid.
  • Ballesol Residence. Tres Cantos.
  • Amavir Residence. Villaverde.
  • Sagrada Familia Residence.
  • Nuestra Señora de Fátima Community.
  • University Hospital Severo Ochoa.
  • Civil Guard Arganda del Rey.
  • PPMM Cisneros Residence.
  • Jesús Nazareno y Los Dolores Residence.
  • Integral District Unit of the Municipal Police of Madrid.
  • Residence for the Elderly Coimbra Park
  • Local Police Fuenlabrada
  • Vista Alegre Elderly Residence
  • Paideia Association
  • Ntra. Sra del Perpetuo Socorro Residence
  • Parroquia Santísima Trinidad de Madrid
  • Constitutional Court
  • C.O Ciudad Real
  • C.O. Carabanchel
  • Reina Sofía Residence Las Rozas
  • Transhaer Group S.L.
  • Integral Services Hercam
  • EMISIN security
  • Puerta del Hierro Hospital
  • Cadeg Guadiana II
  • Rivas Vaciamadrid Residence
  • National Police Force
  • Joverian Missionaries
  • Servital
  • Little Sisters Elderly Homeless
  • Food Bank Foundation Madrid
  • Abedul Residence Madrid
  • Institute of Neurological Diseases CLM
  • Alba2 Residence
  • Cobeña’s Civil Protection
  • Cotolengo
  • Bolsan Shopping Center
  • Covadonga Hostel
  • Tax Office – Airport Customs
  • Hacienda Madrid Special Delegation
  • Ntra. Sra. del Sagrario Residence
  • Makro
  • Cabify employees
  • ISS cleaning
  • RTVE
  • Julián Alonso – Emergency Plumber
  • Euromodel . S.L.
  • Mob Design and Projects
  • Fisiocoslada Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Santiago Rusiñol Residence
  • Security guards
  • R. PP. MM. Goya
  • Press offices
  • R. PP. MM. Vallecas
  • R. PP. MM. Adolfo Suarez
  • CADP Mirasierra
  • R. PP. MM. Villaviciosa de Odón
  • R. PP. MM. Gonzalez Bueno
  • R. PP. MM. Reina Sofía
  • R. PP. MM. Gran Residencia
  • Segura Hermanos S.A.
  • Taxi industry
  • Civil Guard Tres Cantos
  • Ntra. Sra. dela Esperanza Residence
  • Cáritas Parroquia Sta. María Madre de Dios Tres Cantos
  • National Police Training Division
  • Mirasierra Center
  • Juan de Austria Occupational Center
  • Fuenlabrada Hospital
  • Ramón y Cajal Hospital

Tutorials, Patterns and clothing videos

In this link we have made a compilation of videos and material for making masks

Can you sew masks at home?

Contact us by phone: 961 698 227 or by email: and we will tell you how you can do it.