One more year the fallas take Valencia again to delight us.

There are more and more Fallas commissions that, together with the neighbors, agree on the convenience of protecting the facades of the buildings that, due to their proximity to the Fallas monuments, can be affected by fire.

Therefore the use of double-sided polyurethane-coated fibreglass tarpaulins can be a good solution.

In this particular case, these canvases have been made to measure for the façade, designed so that they can be deployed on the night of the cremà

This high quality fibreglass provides thermal insulation that can withstand prolonged heat exposure without degradation. The hard-to-flame silver-grey PU coating is free of solvents and halogens.

The spectrum of these specially coated materials ranges from blankets, insulation cushions, protective curtains, etc.

We collaborate with our clients in the development of tailor-made solutions for every need.

Photos provided by: “Falla del Pilar”, “Falla Federico Mistra Murtra”, and Construcciones Hnos. Catalá.

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