We believe it is important to protect small things of value, such as jewelry, money, documents, works of art, collectibles, or anything that has sentimental value. To this end, Batavia has included in its catalogue the fireproof envelopes with different possible configurations depending on the size and level of protection desired.

We have created two models: S600 ºC and S1200 ºC (each with three sizes available).

The envelope S600 ºC the interior is made with siliconized fiberglass fabric on both sides, which provides total impermeability to the envelope, the exterior is non-woven polyacrylate fabric of maximum insulating properties, with a fireproof VELCRO® Brand Fastener closure system.

The S1200 ºC envelope is made of the same insulating material (polyacrylate) and covered with silica fiber fabric of maximum resistance to direct fire, with a fireproof VELCRO® Brand Fastener closure system.

In collaboration with the Fire Department of the Textile Technology Institute of the Valencian Community ( AITEX ), we have studied the fire resistance in different combinations or sets of the models S600 ºC and S1200 ºC in various available sizes

  • Set (S600º C within S1200ºC) in three sizes:
  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Big
  • Set double protection:
  1. Small set inside the medium set
  2. Medium set inside the large set
  3. Two small sets inside the large set
  • Set triple protection:
  1. Small set inside the middle inside the big one

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As proof of the high fire and temperature resistance of the protection set, the video can be seen in temperature conditions of 900º C with a 30 kW flame.

The method used by AITEX records, by means of thermocouples placed inside the storage unit, the temperature during the time it is exposed to a direct flame. According to the standard EN 15659:2009, the temperature increase of 172°C is the threshold for the protection of information on paper.

Fire resistance: Time to reach 172ºC inside the envelope

Model sets S600ºC + S1200ºC


Set double protection

Set triple protection

Stove at 250 ºC

8 min

26 min

49 min

Flame at 900 ºC – 30kW

1’55 min

5’47 min

12 min

bolsas y sobres ignifugos resistentes al fuego

If you want a specific size different from the one we offer, do not hesitate to contact us and we will attend to your needs.