INTERLINER FIRE-RESISTANT BS5852 Screen 5: fire-resistant textiles used as a fire barrier between upholstery and foam or upholstered furniture fillings.

The fire resistance properties of upholstered furniture have become a growing concern. And a must in public spaces in all developed countries.

The concept of an intermediate layer (interliner) that acts as a fire barrier can prevent accidental contact with the fire from igniting the internal filling of the furniture. It also allows the outer layers to be easily removed for cleaning.

It is an indispensable requirement for manufacturers supplying furniture to all non-domestic buildings, i.e. those with public attendance such as offices, hotels, hospitals and other sectors such as schools, auditoriums, entertainment venues, cinemas, discos, concert halls, prisons etc… to use interliners and materials that are duly certified according to the regulations applicable in each country.

The English BS 5852 standard is very strict.

From Textil Batavia we offer you the following fabrics for upholstery:

  • B2118 CANVAS CRIB 5, 280 g/m2 cotton canvas
  • B1789 CRIB 5 BARRIER, cotton canvas + one-sided coating
  • B5531 MULETON WOOL, wool/viscose felt 65/35 and 250 g/m2
  • B6082 INTERLINER THERMAL WELDING, in 3 qualities: 75, 100 and 150 g/m2.

Ask us for the samples you need to test the different fire-resistant qualities:


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These interliners are inherently fire resistant and meet current standards.

The lining goes between the outer fabric of the upholstery and the cushions or fillings.

This fabric is washable without mechanical action, and dry cleanable.

This fabric is available in permanent stock.