Textil Batavia, SL attending to a demand repeated for many years by friends of the “cuadrillas de diablos” (ball of devils) or “correfocs” has decided to launch this new collection CORREFOCS. It consists of a cotton canvas in 6 colours and a liquid fireproof product.

As a result of the experience and the exchange of impressions with several collas from Tarragona and the Federation of Valencia, we have chosen a very heavy 100% cotton canvas of 450 g/m2, with an initial offer of 6 colours: NATURAL, YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE, RED, AND BLACK. And the possibility of dyeing any colour according to the requested sample.

We have also incorporated a liquid fireproof product of very simple application, it is NOFLAM MSG. It is presented in containers of 5 and 25 litres. The steps are:

1) Depending on the fabric, we will dilute the product. For 100% cotton it is enough to mix it with the same amount of water, ratio 1:1.

2) Submerge (do not spray) the garment in the bath, drain and let it dry. Tumble drying is recommended.

This application is effective until the garment is washed, being necessary a new application of the product to maintain the maximum fire resistance.

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