You are currently viewing NEW FIREPROOF BAG FOR BATTERIES

We have developed a new model of safety bags for charging and transporting batteries. They are made of silicone coated fibreglass.

They are especially suitable for the most easily flammable batteries, known as LiPo, where the Lithium salt is contained in a kind of gel (a polymeric compound), as opposed to Li-Ion batteries where the electrolyte is contained in an organic solvent (liquid) that provides the necessary ions that will circulate between the cathode and the anode during discharge.

The safety bags reduce damage that may occur in the event of ignition or deflagration during charging and storage of our batteries.

Protective fireproof cases are ideal against high temperatures and radiation for all types of batteries for drones, electric scooters, etc. You can store and transport all your equipment in a protected bag.

The bags are specially designed for the protection of batteries during charging, transit and storage with an easy and secure closure. Made in different sizes.