fireproof envelopes

Thanks to the new technical textiles with very high resistance to fire, we can make our fireproof envelopes designed for the protection of small important things; jewellery, memory cards, batteries, documents, cash, things of high sentimental value, etc. The aim is to provide a double protection: against fire and heat. We all know what happens inside the oven when the time exceeds the expected, without the need of flame the food is burned. Therefore, in addition to protecting from flames with silica fibre fabrics that resist up to 1200 ºC, these envelopes are manufactured with a double insulation of PANOX and ARAMID fibres that provide protection from heat, increasing the guarantee of successful protection in the event of a prolonged fire. These fire-resistant envelopes that we have been manufacturing to order, in all types of sizes, we have decided to offer them also in 2 standard sizes at very competitive prices, in 24x17cm and 39x27cm. And in 3 qualities depending on the level of protection desired:

  • Envelope (bag) 600ºC: Made up of layers of fibreglass fabric covered with waterproof and fireproof PUR, with PANOX insulation.
  • Envelope (bag) 1200ºC: Made up of an outer layer of SILICONE fibre fabric, an inner textile layer of glass fibre covered with waterproof and fireproof PUR, with a double insulation of PANOX and ARAMIDS.

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Drying on a flat surface
Hand washing
Do not dry clean
Do not iron

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See the video corresponding to the test carried out by AITEX to verify the high resistance to fire and high temperatures of the protection set in conditions of temperature of 900 º C with a flame of 30 kW.

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