We have added to our catalogue a new range of fabrics especially designed for making work wear, for those who work in environments with fire hazards, electrical hazards, those who work in welding or near metals that propagate splashes.

There are four fabrics weighing 480, 420, 350 and 260 grams, developed to protect workers against hazards like burns, chemical spills or liquid metal spills. They are especially designed to protect against flash and electric arc.

Our fabrics are made of pure cotton, which is treated from the polymer to give it flame-retardant properties which, depending on the fabric, is mixed with nylon and with antistatic yarn, or only with antistatic. As they are made with natural fibres, it makes the garments made comfortable to wear and soft to the touch, to make work easier. The antistatic carbon thread on the surface of the fabric makes it a safe fabric in places where there is risk of explosions. The antistatic fibres work by discharging static electricity that may accumulate on the body and the fabric, eliminating the risk of possible flames and explosions.

This composition makes the fabric durable and extremely resistant to tears and traction, making it ideal for workers in the automotive, metallurgy, gas and petrochemical industries. In addition to these properties, they will resist 50 to 100 industrial washes at 75ºC.

In addition, the cotton complies with OEKO-TEX 100 certification so as not to harm users. They also comply with the following certifications:

EN ISO 11611: Class 1 and 2 (Protective clothing for welding and related processes.)

EN ISO 11612: A1, A2, B1, C1, E3, F1 (Protective clothing against heat and flame)

EN 61482-1-2: Class 1(Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc)

ISO 1149: BS EN 1149-3 method 2 (Protective clothing with electrostatic properties)

EN ISO 13034 (Protective clothing against liquid chemicals)

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