At the request of our clients and in line with our speciality of fireproof fabrics and plastics, we have incorporated this offer of fireproof yarns with maximum performance.
NOMEX® yarns are made of META-ARAMIDES fibres. The high heat resistance of these fibres means that the flame does not spread and the material does not melt, making them non-stick yarns for human skin. They are also highly dimensionally and chemically stable. Available in different colours and titles: 70/3, 40/3, and 20/3.
KEVLAR® yarns are made of PARA-ARAMIDES fibres. These give the yarn a proportional resistance 5 times higher than that of steel. Its behaviour to fire makes it self-extinguishing, it does not melt, and it supports combustion up to 400-430ºC. It presents great chemical and impact resistance.