Textil Batavia incorporates to its product catalogue the only fireproof blanket with UNE-EN 1869:1997 CERTIFICATE
, Textil Batavia adds to its catalogue Fireproof Blankets

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The FIRE FIGHTING BLANK is the fastest, cleanest and most effective way to extinguish a fire because it allows to suffocate it before it grows, its use is expanding worldwide for sectors such as


Fire Blanket Properties

For the manufacture of the Fire Blanket, the latest generation of intrinsically flame-retardant fibres are used, which offer great and important advantages over the current ones on the market, such as Aramides, Minerals (fibreglass), etc.
Compared to other products, the Fire Blanket has, among others, the following advantages:

Its inherent fireproof qualities make it unalterable over time.
Its high thermal qualities allow users to cover themselves with it and facilitate escape from fire lines (corridors, rooms, stairs) with a reduced risk of suffering burns.
Due to its softness, light weight and high level of protection, it is recommended for installation in areas with people with reduced mobility (geriatrics, day-care centers, hospitals,…) where evacuation is always slower than desired and the risk of burns is greater.
Its composition with antibacterial properties makes it resistant to fungi and bacteria cultures, which allows for coverage and transport of people with burns at high risk of infection.

Qualities of the Fire Blanket

Here are some of the qualities of the Fire Blankets:

Does not emit toxic fumes
Totally harmless, does not cause irritation to the skin or respiratory tract.
No maintenance required, no mechanism to control and no periodic checks or replacements to be made.
Very low acquisition cost and zero maintenance cost
It does not deteriorate even when outdoors, it remains unaltered in cold, hot, dry, humid, saline environments, etc.
It is not attacked by fungi or bacteria
Does not rust, does not rot
Excellent thermal insulation for injury protection
The Fire Blanket offers excellent thermal protection qualities, thanks to its low Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (0.044 W/mºC).

Use of the Fire Blanket

Kitchens and homes

Bar, restaurant and hotel kitchens.
Fires in homes, electrical and kitchens.
Wood and gas stoves.

Public spaces

Hotels, apartments and campsites.
Hospitals, clinics and outpatient clinics.
Shopping malls, large and small stores.
Cinemas and theatres

Vehicles and transport

Police vehicles.
Medical transport.
Passenger transport.
Fuel and chemical product transport

Reduced mobility

Nurseries, playgrounds and schools.
Geriatric residences, day centres and spas.

Chemicals and fuels

Service stations.
Go-karts and circuits.
Fuel supply to ships and planes.
Petrochemical plants.