Expansion and improvement of our fireproof packaging, envelopes, bags and sacks more resistant to heat and fire

fireproof sacks and bags

Given the good reception of the fireproof envelopes, and thanks to the comments of our customers, we have improved and expanded them to other sizes; bag and fireproof sacks.

Initially designed for the protection of small important things; jewellery, memory cards, documents, cash, photographs or souvenirs of high sentimental value, etc., have become small when faced with requests to protect slightly larger things from fire. The selection and arrangement of the textile materials with the best behaviour to fire, such as KEVLAR yarn, FIREPROOF VELCRO® Brand Fastener, and textiles made of CERAMIC, PANOX, and ARAMID fibres, allow us to quickly develop, and on request, any size of FIREPROOF BAGS.

In all our products we are committed to providing double protection; against fire and heat. We all know what happens inside the oven when the time exceeds the expected, without the need of flame the food burns and blackens. Therefore, in addition to protecting against flames with silica fibre fabrics that resist up to 1200 ºC, we incorporate a double insulation of fibres that protect against heat, increasing the guarantees of successful protection in the event of a prolonged fire. By improving our closure systems we have modified the commercial measures in stock. Thus our offer is based on providing good products planned according to the degree of protection desired by the customer.

(a) S-600°C. Sandwich 600ºC: Made up of layers of fibreglass fabric covered with fireproof waterproofing, and PANOX insulation. Of measures:

  1. Small: 21 x 14 cm
  2. Medium: 35 x 24 cm
  3. Big: 43 x 34 cm

(b) S-1200°C. Sandwich 1200ºC: Formed by an outer layer of a ceramic fibre fabric, specifically SILICA, and PANOX insulation. Of measures:

  • Small: 27 x 19 cm
  • Medium: 40 x 29 cm
  • Big: 54 x 40 cm

c) Double protection set: Double Sandwich 1200º + 600 ºC. The measures of the 2 previous ones are thought to be able to put the S-600 inside the S-1200ºC. In this way we manage, besides providing the waterproof character of the first one, to increase the thermal insulation, thus increasing even more the probabilities of success.



See the video corresponding to the test carried out by AITEX to verify the high resistance to fire and high temperatures of the protection set in conditions of temperature of 900 º C with a flame of 30 kW.

Notes: – To improve fire protection; the lock on the S-600 should be on the bottom of the S-1200. – The outer fabric of the S-1200, is the one with the highest resistance to fire that we know, but as it is supposed for a material of ceramic fibers, it must be treated with care, avoiding as much as possible the snags, rubbing, and all type of violent or prolonged mechanical action. – We will shortly be incorporating some videos that we are preparing in the Fire Laboratory of AITEX (Technological Institute of Textiles, ALCOY (Valencia)) where, in the absence of any Regulations governing fireproof envelopes, we will be able to demonstrate the performance of our products compared to others, made only of glass fibre, and of very dubious performance in the event of being involved in fire in all its parts. When, in addition to lacking the slightest insulation, they are sold at abusive prices.

bolsas y sobres ignifugos resistentes al fuego

If you want a different size from those offered, contact us and we will attend to your needs, we are specialists.