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Flame retardant envelopes to protect documents, photos, souvenirs, etc. With these envelopes you can minimise flame damage.

Technical Specifications



Small: 27 cm. x 19 cm., weight 157 grs.

Medium: 40 cm. x 29 cm., weight 322 grs.

Large: 54 cm. x 40 cm., weight 503 grs.

New Magnum: 68 cm. x 49 cm., peso 749 grs.


Protection of small personal belongings: jewellery, documents, cash, things of high sentimental value, etc.


Recommendation: the outer fabric S1200º C made of silica fibres requires careful handling to avoid snagging and/or continuous rubbing.

Special envelopes, bags or sacks can be made to order, according to size or fire resistance. Please consult us.

Video corresponding to the test carried out by AITEX on the high fire resistance of the set of fireproof envelopes.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1 × 54 × 40 cm

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