What is fire retardant fabric?

A fireproof fabric is one whose specific use is to prevent the rapid spread of flames or to set fire to the fabric. Its purpose is to protect people, environments or objects from fire or heat. Flame-retardant fabrics are able to prevent the rapid spread of flame.

What is the Fire Reaction?

The mission of the Reaction to Fire is to evaluate the potential contribution and behaviour of products or materials in the event of a fire. Reaction to fire tests try to reproduce, as far as possible, the first phases of the fire (initiation and development) in which the contribution of the products is very important. There are different reaction to fire tests depending on the test situation to be evaluated.

What is the difference between Reaction and Fire Resistance?

Reaction to fire measures the behavior of materials and products while fire resistance measures the time a construction system is capable of resisting fire. The parameters measured in the Reaction to Fire tests are the fall of inflamed particles, heat emission, smoke emission, flame propagation, temperature increases, etc. while in the Fire Resistance tests the load bearing capacity, insulation and integrity are mainly measured during a certain time expressed in minutes.

How are products classified from the point of view of reaction to fire?

The products tested in reaction to fire are normally classified according to the UNE-EN 13501-1 and UNE-EN 13501-5 standards.

The first of the standards applies to walls, ceilings, linear thermal insulation and floors while the second applies to roofs exposed to external fire.

It is important to note that each of the above situations will be indicated in the classification with a different sub-index, i.e. the reaction to fire classification is linked to the use of the product. The different types of Euroclasses that we can find at present are shown below.

What legislation covers reaction to fire testing?

At present in Spain, the Fire Safety Regulations for Industrial Establishments (RSCIEI) and the Basic Fire Safety Document of the Technical Building Code (CTE DB SI) establish a series of reaction to fire requirements applicable to the products and materials installed in the premises included in the field of application of the aforementioned legislation. The requirements will not always be the same since they will depend on the area where it is to be installed. For example, in the CTE DB SI, the reaction to fire requirement for a cladding product in an occupiable area will be B-s2,d0, while if this same product is installed in a corridor or on a protected staircase, the requirement will be much higher, B-s1,d0.

What if I have the CE mark and I comply with the legislation on reaction to fire?

The CE marking is a passport that serves to circulate freely in the countries of the European Union and means that you comply with the minimum requirements included in the corresponding harmonised product standard for CE marking, but does not imply compliance with Spanish legislation on reaction to fire. Let’s take an example: We have a polyurethane sandwich panel with a C-s2,d0 Euroclass, which has the CE marking according to the product standard UNE-EN 14509 and in addition this product has been manufactured in France. Since it has the CE marking, it could circulate in Spain without any kind of limitation. If the product is to be installed in an occupiable area, it will comply with the reaction to fire requirement. If, on the other hand, the product is to be installed in a special risk area where the requirement is B-s1,d0, it cannot be installed.

Fire retardant bags

Types of fireproof envelopes

  • Model: S600Cº waterproof and fireproof (available in three sizes)
  • Model: S1200Cº fireproof (available in three sizes)

Size of fireproof envelopes

  • Mod. S600Cº: Small 21×14 cm.
  • Mod. S600Cº: Medium 35×24 cm.
  • Mod. S600Cº: Big 43×34 cm.
  • Mod. S1200Cº: Small 27×19 cm.
  • Mod. S1200Cº: Medium 40×29 cm.
  • Mod. S1200Cº: Big 54×40 cm.


We customize envelopes so you can safeguard any document you want, paintings, works of art, etc.

How can I get better protection?

To achieve greater protection it is advisable to purchase a set of envelopes formed by the mod. S600Cº and S1200Cº. You can multiply the fire protection properties if the valuable objects are kept inside one set and the set is kept in another set of a higher size.

Fire blankets

What is a fire blanket?

A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small or incipient fires. It consists of a fireproof fabric (Tecstar synthetic fiber) that is placed over the fire in order to suffocate it by preventing the arrival of oxygen. It is a tremendously useful product both for its use in the professional sector and for its domestic use being basic in homes.

How are fire blankets used?

A fire blanket should completely surround or be placed over a burning object and cover the burning surface as much as possible. In either case, the role of the blanket is to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire, putting an end to it. It is important to protect your hands.

How do you choose the best fire blanket for your application?

There are different types of fire blankets. Before buying a fire blanket we have to identify the risk and its use.

types of fire blankets

Acoustic Curtains

What are acoustic curtains used for?

Acoustic curtains are used to absorb sound and control resonance (unwanted echo).

Its use is indicated in party rooms, projection rooms, recording studios, TV sets, convention halls, theaters, discos and all kinds of public places that require acoustic insulation from the outside or adjacent rooms.

The installation of acoustic curtains has become widespread in recent years and it is important to consider the location, weight, weave and thickness of the fabric. They are usually opaque. They are designed to improve the acoustic performance of premises, rooms, recording studios, theatres, cinemas, etc.

Also, it is used in industry to: isolate from machinery area, workshops, separate spaces in office areas, meeting rooms, among others.

Types of acoustic curtains:

Made of 300g Sella combed cotton fabric, with fire-resistant properties and reaction to fire, CLASS-1 certified.

Complying with European fire regulations for public spaces.

They can also be made with other fabrics such as velvet, blackout, pvc, depending on each need.

Available in our online store. Different sizes and possibility of customizing it and also in special colours.

sound absorption curtains
Acoustic Insulation Curtains

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