We have more than 5000 types of fabrics.

Permanent stock of technical textiles.  

Specialised in the manufacture of fireproof and acoustic fabrics. Contact us!

For Events and Scenography

Flameproof Fabrics

Tejidos ignifugos para eventos y escenografia
Acoustic Insulation and Conditioning

Zona Acústica

tejidos para aislamiento acustico y acondicionamiento acustico


informacion sobre fibras textiles
Blankets, curtains, Velcro and more

Protectión and Extintion Fabrics

tejidos para protecion del fuego e incendios
Wide range: Correfocs, Ibiza, Fans, Footwear, Nazarene and Advertising

Standar Fabrics


Workwear and workwear fabrics



Certified, approved, washable

Health Protection Masks

Máscarillas de Protección Sanitaria
Wide Range of Sizes and Strength

Fireproof Envelopes

Sobres Ignifugos
Protection of Barbecues, Welders, etc

Flame Retardant Gloves

Tejidos Vestuario y Ropa Laboral


  • Fireproof Fabrics: Class 1, M-1, UNE 1021, BS 5852
  • Blackouts and obscurants
  • Net curtains, voiles, etamines, serges, corduroys, panama, etc.
  • Velvets, ceilings, ruan, linings, etc.
  • Nappas and molleton
  • Brushed fabrics
  • Acoustic fabrics
  • Technical fabrics
  • Upholstery and decoration
  • Buildings of public concurrence (Hotels, Residences, Theaters, Halls, Shops)
  • Footwear and leather goods
  • Advertising, promotional items, etc.
  • Holy Week costumes, Moors and Christians, Casales Falleros, Cordás and Pirotécnia, etc.
  • Technical uses: Insulation, geotextiles, etc.

Do you have questions about Fireproofing?

Write to us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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    About Us

    Textil Batavia was born in 1755 and has maintained its uninterrupted activity overcoming: the second industrial revolution, the French invasion, the loss of the Colonies, the Republics, the Civil War, the post-war period, the autarchic period of the dictatorship, the oil crisis, the still recent Globalization of world trade since 2005 and resisting, not without a few changes, the current difficult times.

    Textil Batavia has adapted to the demands of its environment thanks to the innovation, its professional team and the know-how accumulated throughout its experience in the sector. It always offers its customers the best quality product at the most competitive price.

    All this with a variety of more than 5000 textile references in its catalogue of technical and standard fabrics.

    Tradition, Experience, Research, Quality, Know-how, Qualified Human Capital

    We know what we’re talking about.

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    informacion sobre fibras textiles

    Los Fabrics

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    Finishing Processes

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    Proyectos Ignífugos

    proyectos proteccion ignifuga

    Acustic Projects

    proyectos acondicionamiento acusticos

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    Proyectos Escenografía


    proyectos para eventos

    Typhoons and Banners

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    Technical Fabrics

    Proyectos Escenografía