More than 5000 types of fabrics: standard and flame retardant fabrics

Factory fabrics since 1755

We offer a range of more than 5000 types of fabrics. In addition to our standard range we can provide made to order special colours according to your request.
We can offer the following types of fabrics:

  • Flame retardant Fabrics: Class 1, M-1, UNE 1021, BS 5852
  • Blackouts fabrics
  • Curtains, voiles, stamens, twills, corduroy, panama, etc.
  • Velvets, satins, linings, etc.
  • Synthetic leather, imitation leather
  • Technical Fabrics

Fabrics for all types of uses

We offer fabrics and flame retardant material:

  • Upholstery and Furnishings
  • Building such as:
    – Hotels, Residences, etc.
    – Events, fare, etc
  • Footwear and leather items.
  • Advertising, Promotional items, etc.
  • Easter Costumes
  • Technical Uses: Insulation, geotextiles, etc