fire-resistant fabrics

Technical and Standard Fabrics


We have more than 5000 types of fabrics.

We manufacture fabrics to order and according to sample,
both flame-retardant or technical fabrics and standard fabrics for any type of use.

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  • Fireproof Fabrics: Class 1, M-1, UNE 1021, BS 5852
  • Blackouts and obscurants
  • Net curtains, voiles, etamines, serges, corduroys, panama, etc.
  • Velvets, ceilings, ruan, linings, etc.
  • Nappas and molleton
  • Brushed fabrics
  • Acoustic fabrics
  • Technical fabrics
  • Upholstery and decoration
  • Buildings of public concurrence (Hotels, Residences, Theaters, Halls, Shops)
  • Footwear and leather goods
  • Advertising, promotional items, etc.
  • Holy Week costumes, Moors and Christians, Casales Falleros, Cordás and Pirotécnia, etc.
  • Technical uses: Insulation, geotextiles, etc.
Fabric Types over
0 gr/m2
Grammage up to
0 cm
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About us

Textil Batavia was born in 1755 and has maintained its uninterrupted activity overcoming: the second industrial revolution, the French invasion, the loss of the Colonies, the Republics, the Civil War, the post-war period, the autarchic period of the dictatorship, the oil crisis, the still recent Globalization of world trade since 2005 and resisting, not without a few changes, the current difficult times.

Textil Batavia has adapted to the demands of its environment thanks to the innovation, its professional team and the know-how accumulated throughout its experience in the sector. It always offers its customers the best quality product at the most competitive price.

All this with a variety of more than 5000 textile references in its catalogue of technical and standard fabrics.

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