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Fire blanket fire extinguisher Unique UNE EN 1869-1997 certified. Format for hanging on the wall, next to fire extinguishers.

Fireproof product perfectly suitable for use in domestic and commercial kitchens in restaurants, offices, schools, hotels, factories, etc. Easy to use with two quick release straps.

Helps to avoid high penalties in terms of Labor Risk Prevention.



Tecstar synthetic fibre.

Size: 150cm. x 120cm.

Arrangement: Individual or in a box (16 units/box).

Excellent thermal insulation

Fire safety.

Does not rust, does not rot.

Remains unalterable in hot, cold, dry, humid, saline, etc… environments.

Very low acquisition cost and zero maintenance cost.

Incombustible and does not emit toxic fumes.

Totally innocuous, does not produce irritations on skin or respiratory tract.


– Kitchens and homes.

– Public spaces.

– Vehicles and transport.

– Reduced mobility.

– Chemicals and fuels.

Additional information

Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 cm





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