With the intention of offering our customers the widest variety of fabrics on the market, we are starting 2012 with the incorporation of new fireproof materials, more specifically we have to talk about IGNIFUGE PLASTICS, some opaque like the FOCURIT MAGNUN 11 m wide, and others transparent like the FLEXIBLE CRYSTALS M2 of high transparency, high UV resistance, in thicknesses of 500, 650, 750 and 1000 microns. We have also introduced a new fireproof NAUTICAL POLYPER, with IMO certificate, at a very competitive price and available in 18 colours + 2 metallics.
At the same time we have incorporated other PLASTICS in STD quality (Non-flammable), for the sectors of CAMPING, Awnings and TENTS, EVENTS, FUNERALS, etc., with a wide range of colours and widths.