Quadruple protection set 1200ºC + 600 ºC providing waterproofing and thermal insulation, better temperature/time ratio. Includes a total of 8 units: 4 pcs. mod. S600ºC + 4 pcs. mod. S1200ºC.

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  • Measures: Small 27 x 19 cm; Medium 40 x 29 cm; Large 54 x 40 cm; Magnum 68 x 49 cm.
  • Uses: Protection of small personal belongings: jewellery, documents, cash, things of high sentimental value, etc..
  • Recommendation: The outer SILICE fibre fabric S1200 ° C requires careful handling to avoid snagging and / or continued friction.

Place the S600 ° C bag with VELCRO inside the S1200° C bag, to ensure maximum resistance and insulation.

More information: 

See corresponding video of test carried out by AITEX the high resistance to fire and high temperatures guard assembly at temperature of 900 ° C with a 30 kW flame..

Additional information

Weight 1.677 kg
Dimensions 54 × 40 cm



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