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Double protection set 1200ºC + 600 ºC providing waterproof character and thermal insulation, better temperature/time ratio. Choose between different sizes.


Technical Specifications



Small set within the medium: 27 x 19 cm. + 40 x 29 cm. Weight: 780 grs.

Medium Set within the large  40 x 29 cm + 54 x 40 cm. Weight: 1432 grs.

Set large within the magnum: 54 x 40 cm. +  68 x 49 cm. Weight 2127 grs.


Protection of small personal belongings: jewellery, documents, cash, things of high sentimental value, etc.

Recommendation: The outer SILICE fibre fabric S1200 ° C requires careful handling to avoid snagging and / or continued friction.

Place the S600 ° C bag with VELCRO® Brand Fastener inside the S1200° C bag, to ensure maximum resistance and thermal insulation.

Video corresponding to the test carried out by AITEX on the high fire resistance of the set of fireproof envelopes.

Additional information

Weight 1,387 kg
Dimensions 54 × 40 cm

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