New safety bags for charging and transporting batteries.

They are especially suited for the most easily flammable batteries, known as LiPo, where the Lithium salt is contained in a kind of gel (a polymeric compound), as opposed to Li-Ion batteries where the electrolyte is contained in an organic solvent (liquid) that provides the necessary number of ions that will circulate between the cathode and the anode during the discharge.

It is vitally important to charge and storage our LiPo batteries in good safety bags, which in case of inflammation or deflagration will reduce the damage that may occur in the vicinity. If we do a right use and maintenance of our batteries, this never has to happen, but if it does, it is better to be protected.

  • -Using fireproof protective covers for drone batteries, electric scooters, etc.
  • -Store all your equipment in a protected bag.
  • -Use fireproof carry bags for your batteries.
  • -Explosion-proof battery storage bag.
  • -Lightweight, perfectly safe battery transport.
  • -Heat resistant, protection against radiation, explosion-proof, anti-impact.
  • -Easy to open/close and very secure closure.
  • -3 different sizes or made to measure to meet your needs.
  • -Fireproof material, this bag serves for protecting the safety of the batteries during charging, transit and storage.
  • -Made of high-quality, high temperature resistant and waterproof material.