Trusting in the high quality of our mask and due to a higher demand of reusable masks, we decided in TEXTIL BATAVIA to test our surgical mask again.

The mask has been tested up to 5 washing cycles and it meets favorably with the standards set by the norm UNE 0065 for reusable hygienic masks.

This AITEX report complements the previous one which met the standards set by the norm UNE EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 for surgical masks.

On the other hand, we developed another mask model based on three layers of polypropylene 100% of 70 g/m2 non-woven fabric and it has also been tested by AITEX, according to the standards set by the norm UNE EN 14683:2019+AC:2019. The result of the report has been favorable and after 5 washes we can say that we have another reusable hygienic mask according to standard 0065.

In TEXTIL BATAVIA we have the woven and all the accessories needed to manufacture all these homologated masks. Furthermore, if you wish, we can advise you and guide in your purchase.