Where the demands of fire resistance extend to all materials used, Textil Batavia has incorporated into its collections EVENTS + SCENERY, and PROTECTION, these three new plastic materials, with permanent fireproof characteristics. Resistant to water, handling, and the elements. Because unlike other plastics, these materials are totally harmless when handled, as they do not release any kind of chemical product that may be deposited only on the surface, and which are released only by touching them, with the serious danger that this entails for installers.

, fireproof plastics

B7619 MAGNUN OPACO – 110 micron – black

Light, and totally opaque to the light.

With Class1 and M1 NFP92 certificates

Width: 6 meters

B7520-21 MAGNUN – 200 micron – white

With its double thickness it is suitable for ensuring greater protection in floor covering.

With certificates Class1 and M1 NFP92

Available in two widths: 3 and 6 meters

B5894 MAGNUM SHADE MESH – M1 – black

The only mesh on the market with M1 NFP92 flame retardant certificate

Width: 3 meters